Prinya: Demon Sorceress Awakening

Jun 17, 2017

Demon Sorceress Awakening

Diabolic Lady

Old Book of Blackfire [Passive]
Increases knowledge by 2 times the amount of CP consumed of the last spell used.
- Lasts 10 seconds.
- New spell casts replace the old ones.
- The spell with highest CP usage will always be applied.

Magical Forcefield: Epidemic [3]
While inside the field, your darkness damage dealt is increased by 40% for 5 seconds.

Demon Commander: Halberd Assault [5]
Number of hits increased by the number of knowledge you have. The maximum amount of times you can hit is 6.
6000 knowledge adds 1 hit.
12000 knowledge adds 2 hits.
20000 knowledge adds 3 hits.

Troops of Blackfire [5]
Each time a demonic weapon spell is used, the damage of Troops of Blackfire is increased by 3% up to a maximum of 100%.

Obserial Chaser

Demonic Support [Passive]
When using a spell that consumes more than 25% of your maximum CP, you recover 5% of your total CP.

Black Star of Calamity [5]
CP consumption will never exceed 25% of your maximum CP.
If you have a maximum of 1000 CP and Black Star of Calamity costs 374 CP, the CP used will always be 250.

Dark Smoke [3]
Every time Black Smoke deals damage to an enemy you recover 5 CP.

Brand [5]
The amounts of stigmas required to explode reduced from 3 to 2.

Laputurus Enchantress

Ecstatic Dance [Passive]
Upon avoided attack, movement speed is increased by 50% for 10 seconds.

Disc of Ruin [5]
Now sends additional discs to enemies that have their movement impaired regardless of target.

Storm Devil [4]
If the targets hit suffers from a movement speed reduction debuff, the chance to pull in enemies is increased to 100%.

Magical Forcefield: Wire Net [3]
If the demon sorceress have less than 20% CP remaining, the magic critical chance is increased.
20% CP remaining equals 10% more magic critical chance.
10% CP remaining equals 15% more magic critical chance.
5% CP remaining equals 20% more magic critical chance.

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