Prinya: It's time we did something about the loot system

Jul 12, 2017

It's time we did something about the loot system

Did you know there are 755 uniques items that are obtainable in Red Stone?
Did you know there are still some of these items that I have never seen ingame?
That is excluding the ones made from tickets, events, hacking, reception room, pvp server or any other means of obtaining them that isn't dropping it from a creature.
Now I'm asking ... should the loot system be like this? Is this ideal? Why? Why should there be items that are so hard to obtain and so rare that somebody who spent over a year inside the game have never seen them before? Items exist for the players to find. Items should exist so we, the players, can create new and exciting builds. What is stopping us? Why aren't you creating that new wind Magician build that is so good? Or maybe that power Spiritualist build you've always had in your head? What is stopping you? What is stopping us?
The items.
Many new and innovative builds are locked and hidden behind these creative items that the developers have laid down before. Nobody should have to play something they don't want to play because they cannot ever in their lifetime achieve the corresponding items that are required for their fun theory crafted build.
Red Stone is littered with antifun and bad game design. It is time L&K Logic Korea stopped hiding behind their main quest boss summons, 5th rebirth, right click Smell of Death characters and god powers and actually played the game they have created.
A player should realistically be able to go and hunt for an item that they need for their future build.
I urge everyone to go and message Red Stone on Facebook and link them to this post.

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