Prinya: Werewolf L&K Balance Suggestion

Apr 19, 2018

Werewolf L&K Balance Suggestion

Claws of the Lycan
Attack speed increased.

Claws of Iron
Damage increased.

Fiery Rage
Now hits 2.4(+0.1) times.

Sweeping Claw
Range increased.
Damage increased.

Claws of Rending Flesh
Now summons an illusion to hit the target for 7 hits 7 times.
CP consumption increased from 225 to 275.
CP gain decreased from 200 to 177.
Decreased accuracy.

Gripping Bite
Movement speed debuff has been increased from 50% to 99.5%(+10%).

Vampiric Bite
CP consumption decreased from 260 to 210.

Rolling Crash
Attack speed increased.
Minimum range reduced.
CP consumption reduced from 90 to 65.

Burning Roll
Range increased.
Radius increased.

Rolling Offense
Attack speed increased.
Range increased.
Number of hits increased.

Multiple Rush
Range increased.
Maximum number of hits increased.
Now has additional chance to critical hit.

Flash of Fire
CP consumption decreased.

Howling Moon
Skill changed from activation to permanent passive.
Now increases your critical chance by 27.5%(+5%) against enemies with less than 50% HP.

Full Moon
Now also reduces attack speed by 24.5%(+3%).
The movement speed debuff 54.5%(+7%) now scales with skill level.

Growl of Hatred
Now also reduces avoidance by 10.25%(+1%).

Howl of the Lunatic
Now also reduces abnormal, curse and dropped system resistance by 35%(+5%).

Burst of Rage
Skill changed from activation to permanent passive.
Now has a 80%(+10%) chance to increase DP and magic resistance by 3%(+0.2%) when struck for 10 seconds that stacks with itself.

Bestial Instinct
Skill changed from activation to permanent passive.
The effect decreased from 100% abnormal resistance, 50% dropped system resistance and 25% curse resistance to 24.8%(+4%) all abnormal resistance.

Stare of the Beast
Now increases critical strike chance and magic critical chance by 7%(+1%).
The stun duration increased from 1.5 to 7 seconds.

Bestial Rage
Now also increases fire damage dealt by 34.5%(+5%).
The attack speed buff increased from 20%(+2%) to 25%(+3%).
The movement speed buff increased from 30%(+2%) to 35%(+3%).

Awakening Skills

Blood Berserker

Blood Awakening
Physical damage absorb increased from 2% to 4%.
Maximum damage taken reduced from 30% to 25% of your maximum HP.

Vampiric Claw
Greatly increased damage.

Vampire Fang
Now reduces fatal blow resistance of target.

Flame Berserker

Burning Sphere
Hit count increased.
Explosion interval decreased.

Full Moon Overflow
Skill changed from activation to activate ability.
Now also stuns for 1 second.

Howl of Eruption
Radius increased from 400(+20) to 600(+30).

Wolf-Berserker of Madness

Guide to Madness
Now increases critical strike chance by 25% and also ignores 15% of all targets fatal blow resistance.

Rebounding Linear
Now deals increased damage based on targets HP.

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