Prinya: Priest Balance Patch

Oct 17, 2018

Priest Balance Patch


Undead Breaker
CP gain increased from 80(+15) to 155(+30).

CP consumption increased from 125(+20) to 175(+30).
CP gain decreased from 135(+25) to 110(+20).
Number of hits increased from 2 to 3.
Now also deals 218-220 light damage on each hit.
Now also has 50% chance to crit on demons. (Compares to 100% on undead).

Guardians Hand
Now also deals 413-437 light damage.
Now also applies electrified on the target.

Holy Wrath
Undead fear has been removed.

Shield of Saintly Defenses
No longer increases avoidance.
Defense capability increased from 15(+2) to 505(+100).
Block chance increased from 7.5%(+0.5%) to 30%(+5%).

Tower of Reflection
Elemental damage soak decreased from 95% to 11%(+2%).
Priest elemental resistance decreased from 125%(+20%) to 35%(+5%).

Cure Wounds
CP consumption decreased from 100 to 79.
Heal increased from 155(+20) to 200(+40).
Heal amount affected by knowledge.

Total Recovery
CP consumption increased from 215 to 340.
Heal changed from 785(+150) to 55%(+1%) of the targets missing HP.
Now has a 10 second cooldown.
Now heals the target instantly.

Cure changed to Repent
Changed from activation skill to active skill.
Cures abnormal conditions on allies within 850(+100) radius.

Freedom changed to Salvation
Changed from activation skill to active skill.
Instantly heals the target for 325(+60).
- Heal amount affected by knowledge.
- 850(+100) range.
- 160(+30) CP consumption.

Changed from activation skill to active skill.
Cures all conditions on allies within 750 radius.
- 10 second cooldown.

Party Heal
CP consumption decreased from 340 to 236.
Instantly heals all party members for 400(+80).
- Heal amount affected by knowledge.
- 800(+100) radius.

Maximum HP buff decreased from 120%(+20%) to 60%(+10%).
Resistance buff decreased from 150%(+20%) to 51%(+10%).

Ward of Evil
DP buff decreased from 240%(+40%) to 110%(+20%).
Resistance buff decreased from 160%(+20%) to 51%(+10%).

Heal amount is now affected by knowledge.

Elemental Guardian
Abnormal resistance aura increased from 50% to 51%(+10%).
Dropped system resistance aura increased from 35% to 51%(+10%).
Curse resistance aura increased from 20% to 50%(+10%).

Arch of Divinity changed to Holy Divinity
Changed from activation skill to active skill.
Target a location to deal 540-600 light damage to enemies within radius.
- 350 radius.
- Consumes 320(+40) CP.
- Gains 0 CP.

Entreaty changed to Eradication
Ranged basic damage skill.
Deals 125% physical damage.
Deals 100-102 light damage.
- Gains 26(+4) CP.

CP consumption removed.

Adoration changed to Holy Shieldmanship
Passive skill.
Increases DP by 89%(+10%).
Blocking no longer stuns.


Holy Shieldmanship changed to Honored Revelation
Your critical hits reduces the targets critical hit resistance by 10%.

Exorcism Ritual
Changed from melee to ranged.
Number of hits increased from 3 to 6.

Now instantly heals the target for 30% of the total amount.

Block-piercing attacks counts as blocks.

Shield Glare
Light damage increased from 1-301 to 100-300.
Now also electrifies targets hit for 10(+1) seconds.

Convert Fanatic
Now also electrifies targets.

Proof of Brilliance
Ignores 30% of the targets light resistance.

Celestial Arch changed to Sacred Divinity
Now deals damage 5 times per second for 3 seconds.
Damage decreased to 300-360.

Elemental Harmony
Now increases skill level by +1 for each additional party member.

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