Prinya: Lancer Awakening

Jun 9, 2014

Lancer Awakening

Vanguard Cavalier

Chain Attack
After killing an enemy, the next strike will activate a no charge points usage state for 5 seconds.

Rapid Pang
Increased crit chance and a chance to stun the target for 3 seconds.

Entrapment Impale
Increased accuracy.

Vision Caster
Attack speed increased to 200% from 85%.

Elemental Lancer

Synthesize Element
All tattoos grants weaken to all elements regardless of the type.

Crescent Lightning
Electrifies targets.

Fire And Ice: Double Edged
Hits twice instead of once.

Firm Conviction
Increases magic damage aswell as has a fixed duration of 60 seconds instead of 19 seconds.

Lunging Valkyrie

Veteran Tactician
Charge points usage of utility skills has been reduced by 25%.

Involution Twister
Summon an illusion to use this skill.

Maelstrom Assault
Increases movement speed by 35% for 13 seconds when used and has increased range on knockback.

Awesome Bastion
Summon an illusion at the target location to trigger this skill.

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