Prinya: Tamer Awakening

Jun 9, 2014

Tamer Awakening


Dignified Sheperd

A Good Day To Train
Effect: Weather effects are now applied to all pets no matter what type of pet they are. However, the attack speed from Cloudy Day only gives a third of the normal amount.

Effect: Now heals both pets at the same time instantly.

Cheer Up
Effect: Increases the cap to 150 levels instead of 75 levels.

Effect: Now heals pet to 50% aswell.

Benevolent Sheperd
Dual Command
Effect: Pets can now take 2 orders at the same time.

Feed More Chili
Effect: No longer has a cap on how many Spice of Life you can use, but the 26th+ only gives half the bonus.

Offensive Stance
Effect: Now also increases critical strike chance by 5% at Lv50.
- Max: 20%

Defensive Stance
Effect: Now also increases block chance by 5% at Lv50.
- Max 20%

Warm Sheperd
Effect: You're now able to tame elite pets.
- See this post.
- If you reskill you can still use the pets tamed by this ability.

Expert of Brainwashing
Effect: After taming a pet, its level is now 85% of original level instead of 75%. Tamed pet level increased by 25. And chance of taming a pet is now 70%.
- Max 90%

Effect: Now has a much larger aura radius and increases experience pets gain by 60% instead of 50% and also have an increased cap of 200% too.

Effect: Activation skill, now doubles the maximum loyalty of the pet and increases its level by 25%. After taming, the pet will have maximum loyalty.
- Max 40%


  1. can you use atack order+patrol order as a benevolent shepard?

    whats the haste level of the branch buff?

    1. If you're asking if Attack and Patrol stacks. Yes they do, but not the damage% part. Only the highest % amount will apply.

      Association haste is level 40.