Prinya: Princess Awakening

Dec 11, 2014

Princess Awakening

Queen of Power

Precise Attack
Increases your accuracy by 20%.

Throw Cats and Dogs
Now hits 1 target over 5 times for 330% damage with -5% accuracy.
(Not instantaneously)

Jabber Queen
Earn an additional 25% of base CP gained by this skill every second for 8 seconds.

Goliath Slaughter
Deals 120% damage to the main target.

Queen of Chaos

Magical Sling
Convert 50% of base offensive power into additional fire damage.

Bouncing Bottle
Now bounces to nearby enemies within 150 radius.
Bounces up to 3 times.

Bonquet Shower
Lowers the elemental resistance by an additional 37%.

Immediete Effect Potion Presentation
Heals for 10% instantly.
Can now also use special potions such as Deluxe Healing Potions.

Queen of Transformation

The Power of the Dress
Increases the critical strike chance by 50% of your armors defense.

Transform into Special Weapon
The weapon now also has a 30% chance to fatal blow and 15% chance to magic crit.

Radius increased from 100 to 150.

Together Rabbit Habbit
Targets around the rabbit will be transformed into frogs.

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