Prinya: Ultra Nova II

Dec 8, 2014

Ultra Nova II

A small update on our characters, some huge improvements since Ultra Nova I. We have managed to gain a insane amount of levels during the last few days, getting around 50 levels on Sunday alone. Like always, Prinya makes the best combo!


The items havent changed much, just the ordinary treasure set and potion drinking. I've been looking to get the champion treasure set after I learned that the five set bonus gives 7% life steal, which is insane. It will make grinding at DoD a piece of cake, considering Solstice already does 1,000 damage to all targets around her 7 times.
Belt is +45 health, rings are stamp rings 9-10 charisma to use the 10% crit bone necklace. Earring is still 55% decisive blow resistance. Weapon I'm using is from Weapon Changer for now but I'm planning on switching to the 130 champion t-set weapon.

Nova still running the treasure set too, mostly for the skill pluses, but Nova is still the lategame character and will not see much use in the early game. I managed to get +17 skill levels on her which is pretty insane at this level. I can also give 32 levels with Lv46 Name of Justice, so if any tamer is looking for a NoJ service feel free to send me a private message, I will charge a small sum for the pets though.


I have been putting points into Power to increase the damage to lifesteal more, I can get over 800 luck if I use the luck items I have dropped. 92+ from circlet, 54+ from bangle and 82+ from weapon. The guild master traits gives a huge boost of 54+ to all stats which increases the effectiveness of Solstice by alot.

Nova is running abit of wisdom, knowledge and a big chunk of health. Wisdom is needed to use t-set later so I might aswell start getting it now since I wont be using her until then anyways, and shes also 5 levels under Solstice which makes up for it.


Me and Erina have different visions on which green aura skill is good (at this level), I chose Puma Acceleration and she chose Bulls Rush, so why not get them both at the same time? Last Bullet is maxed and hits 7 times now, with Puma Acceleration or Bulls Rush the damage is dumped up to over 1,000 per hit which is pretty insane, can't wait for Awakening. Bulls Heart still low level because I felt like I didn't need much more health points, it's already over 2,000 with the guild bonus. Fatal Blow for 1.6% crit and Lethal Weapon for the 13% crit chance it gives at low level.

I reskilled Nova to get Ultra Nova to be more useful in dungeons and such. Rabbit Rush keeps the CP high enough to use it once in a while to have the mobs stay debuffed. I rarely use her though.
Name of Justice has been leveled up incase I need it for bosses or taming. Weapon Changer has also been maxed for the time bonus and damage% it gives.

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