Prinya: Opticalist Guide

Jun 8, 2015

Opticalist Guide

GAME RED STONE by L&K Logic Korea
PRINYA Opticalist Guide
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The Opticalist
Is an area of effect mage, their huge radius and high damage spells is what makes them shine throughout the game. When awakened, they unlock their true power being able to tear through monsters with immense power unlike any other class. Just make sure you can survive their terrible early game with their horrible defense and lack of utility.

Single Target Damage: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Area of Effect Damage: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Defense: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Utility: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Speciality: Area of Effect Damage

• Insanely powerful area of effect damage spells
• Huge radius on spells
• Very good CP recharge
• Very low CP consumption
• Above average transformation with really high defense and utility
• 5 stat points per level

• Defense skill is complete garbage
• No utility
• No good single target damage spells
• Trash in PvP
• No versatility
• Very hard early game

Speed Reading
Is your CP recharge skill, this skill has been buffed from being overall terrible to being almost like a Thief Intuition skill but much better. It also provides you with a defensive mechanism, increased elemental resistances. Stack this together with Decoy and you'll have full elemental resistance.

Time Control
Is your defense, it is quite terrible but it's the only thing you've got. It makes you immune to physical damage for a few seconds, maybe enough for you to get away. Just remember it doesn't make you immune to magic damage.

This is a Beastman skill that works for Opticalist. Using it will give you an illusion behind you that will absorb magic damage for a few minutes. Stacks together with Speed Reading for insane amount of elemental resistance.

Swift Tumbling
This is a Beastman skill and your only source of utility, getting this to level 1 would be a good idea. Very nice to have in many situations, secret dungeons, guild dungeons, PvP and many other things.

Cast Light
Is your starter skill, it doesn't deal much damage but applies the accuracy and avoidance debuff, however in the mid-late game Reflect Light will do the same thing.

Reflected Light
This is what makes you shine, it provides you with an insane amount of area of effect damage. Together with Limit Release and Photon Dynamic you will tear through mobs, I dare you to lure 3 party bosses and use it when it's awakened, it's hillarious. At max level this skill hits 11 times if I'm not completely mistaken and does an insane amount of damage.

Red Eye Open
When awakened, this skill should be used whenever you have 5 or more targets around you, it deals much more damage than Reflected Light but not at the same speed. It is simply another grinding tool.

Strategic Spell: Optical Hole
Before awakening this skill was the shit, it's Meteor but it deals light damage instead. Higher damage, lower CP consumption and lower radius, use it for itemhunting but Red Eye Open and Reflected Light is much better for everything else.

Beam Diffusion
Can be used for single target damage, it doesn't even come close to Red Eye Open or Reflected Light in area of effect damage but the fast speed of it and easy to use makes it excellent for single mobs. When awakened this skill also reduces attack and movement speed.

Melting Eyes
Can be used in siege war or guild vs guild, make sure you have a Princess using flower and then spam this, your attack speed should make you fast enough to be able to spam this atleast twice a second. Useless in PvE.

Veil of Light
This skill is what Opticalists are known for, their Fiery Enchant buff that stacks with Fiery Enchant, how convenient. However, when awakened it sets your magic crit chance at 30%. Simply 30% final damage increase, extremely strong for magic damagers.

The Power of Activation
Mostly used as an off-buffing skill, not very strong but increases your CP, more CP means more damage dealt before running out. Good when combined with dark pets to refill your CP. When awakened it transfers CP to your target when you use it, good but in my opinion; useless.

Photon Dynamic
This skill is what turns from you a trashy Fallen-Meteor-Mage-Angel... thingy... to a real Opticalist. Gives you a huge boost in damage.

Limit Release
Good when combined with Reflected Light, Red Eye Open and Optical Hole. Increases the radius of your spells, really handy.

Increases your range, not as handy as Limit Release but can be good for min-maxing in the lategame.

Strategic Machinery: Vit Hive
This is what you'll use to set beats on targets, beats is what you'll be using for your debuff skills.

Lower defense and avoidance of enemies with beats. Great for when you have a physical damager in your party.

Lower damage of enemies with beats. Great for when you're facing mobs that deals alot of damage.

Lower movement and attack speed of enemies with beats. Good for when you're facing mobs that are fast and deal alot of damage.



1» Illuminator
Knowledge 3 each level until
Health 1 each level until 320 then Knowledge
Charisma 1 each level until 114 then Health

2» Sage
Knowledge 1 each level until
Health 1 each level until 320 then Knowledge
Luck 2 each level until
Charisma 1 each level until 114 then Health


Cast Light [1]
Cast light at your target, dealing 6-106 light damage.
- Lowers avoidance and accuracy for 27(+5) seconds.
- 350 range.
- Gains 21 CP.

 Reflected Light [3]
Cast light at your target, the light bounces 10(+2) times to nearby targets dealing 5-225 light damage.
- Lowers avoidance and accuracy for 16(+3) seconds.
- 250 range and radius.
- Consumes 162 CP.
- Charges 105 CP.

Beam Diffusion [4]
Cast light at your target, the light strikes your main target and everything behind it, dealing 15-295 light damage.
- Lowers avoidance and accuracy for 16(+3) seconds.
- 550 range.
- Consumes 190 CP.
- Charges 103 CP.

Red Eye Open [5]
Cast light at all nearby targets, dealing 55-505 light damage to each target around you once. Up to a maximum of 10(+1) targets.
- Cannot target enemies, using it casts it automatically on all nearby enemies.
- 300(+10) range.
- Consumes 310 CP.
- Charges 30 CP.

Strategic Spell: Optical Hole [5]
Summon an optical hole at the target location, after 0.5 seconds the hole explodes, dealing 65-715 light damage to all nearby targets.
- Deals more damage to targets closer to the middle, up to 115% down to 75%.
- 450 range.
- 275(+15) radius.
- Consumes 390 CP.

Speed Reading [1]
Read your book, charging 125(+2) CP over 0.9(-0.095) seconds and increases your concentration by 50%(+10) and all elemental resistances by 35% for 10 seconds.
- Charges 125 CP.

Melting Eyes [2]
Blind nearby targets, have a 55%(+5) [35%(+5%) in PvP] chance to apply blind to all nearby targets for 5.5(+5) seconds.
- 200(+10) radius.
- Consumes 117 CP.
- Gains 50 CP.

The power of activation [3]
Buff a friendly target, increasing their maximum charge points by 380(+70) for 345(+65) seconds.
- 400 range.
- Consumes 130 CP.

Veil of Light [3]
Buff a friendly target, adds 52 light damage to their physical damage attacks for 360(+60) seconds.
- 400 range.
- Consumes 105 CP.

Time Control [4]
Activate to become immune to physical damage for 6(+0.2) seconds after 1.1(-0.1) seconds cast time.
- 105(-7) seconds cooldown.
- Consumes 250 CP.

Beat Shot [1]
Launch a beat at the target, dealing 125% physical damage with 5%(+1%) accuracy and 55%(+5) chance to add a beat to the target for 10 seconds.
- Gains 21 CP.

Triple Clutch [2]
Summon a beat circle around you that deals 176% physical damage with 150%(+20%) [35%(+5%) in PvP] chance to knockback enemies and 50%(+10%) chance to add a beat to all enemies for 15 seconds.
- 50 radius.
- 140 knockback range.
- Consumes 60 CP.
- Gains 25 CP.

 Double Effect [2]
Launch beats at the target, dealing 310% physical damage with 5%(+1%) accuracy and 70%(+5%) chance to add a 2 beats to the target for 15 seconds.
- Consumes 67 CP.
- Gains 105 CP.

Elimination Hit [4]
Summon a beat from the sky that falls down on all targets within the area, dealing -2.5% physical damage with a 50%(+5%) chance to add a beat to all enemies for 15 seconds.
- 200(+10) radius.
- Deals more damage to targets closer to the middle, up to 100% down to 50%.
- Consumes 105 CP.
- Gains 75 CP.

Strategic Machinery: Vit Hive [5]
Summon a hive at the target location for 35(+3) seconds, the hive pulses every second, having a 75%(+5%) chance to add a beat to all nearby targets for 5 seconds.
- 25 seconds cooldown.
- 190(+8) radius.
- Consumes 220 CP.

Damage Diffusion [4]
Launch a beat at the target, dealing 75% physical damage. If the target has a beat attached to it, this damage is dealt to all targets within range of the main target.
- 85(+7) radius.
- Consumes 170 CP.
- Deals more damage to targets closer to the main target, up to 100% down to 75%.

Radiation [2]
Destroy all beats within range and debuff all the targets they were attached to, decreasing defense by -95%(-15%) and avoidance by -40%(-5%) for 210(+30) seconds.
- 200(+10) radius.
- Consumes 275 CP.
- Gains 155 CP.

Cracking [3]
Destroy all beats within range and debuff all the targets they were attached to, decreasing damage by -75%(-10%) for 210(+30) seconds.
200(+10) radius.
- Consumes 300 CP.
- Gains 105 CP.

Dullness [4]
Destroy all beats within range and debuff all the targets they were attached to, decreasing movement speed by -45%(-5%) and attack speed by -35%(-5%) for 210(+30) seconds.
200(+10) radius.
- Consumes 325 CP.
- Gains 55 CP.

 Serial Explosion [5]
Destroy all beats within range and deal damage to all targets they were attached to, deals 360% physical damage per beat with 25%(+5%) increased attack speed.
- 400(+10) radius.
- Consumes 210 CP.
- Gains 105 CP.

Increased Adhesion [2]
Passive skill, increases the chance that you will attach beats to your targets by 35%(+5%).
- Additive.

Photon Dynamic [3]
Passive skill, increases the minimum light damage of your spells by 52%(+10%) of your maximum light damage.
- Max 80%.
- This makes it so your spells doesn't have a huge gap in damage.

Wise Reaction [1]
Passive skill, you have a 60%(+10%) chance to add a beat to an enemy when struck.

Limit Release [5]
Passive skill, the radius of your spells increases by 60(+10).

Scaling [4]
Passive skill, the range of your spells increases by 60(+10).

Skill build: Sage & Illuminator
1. Speed Reading [10] [Level 10]
2. Reflected Light [50] [Level 88]
3. Speed Reading [25] [Level 91]
4. Photon Dynamic [50] [Level 130]
5. Speed Reading [50] [Level 140]
6. Limit Release [44] [Level 210]
7. Red Eye Open [50] [Level 265]
8. (Awaken Reflected Light) [1] [Level 300]
9. Limit Release [50] [Level 314]
10. Veil of Light [50] [Level 352]
11. Strategic Spell: Optical Hole [1] [Level 355]
12. (Awaken Red Eye Open) [1] [Level 390]
13. Beam Diffusion [50] [Level 438]
14. (Awaken Beam Diffusion) [1] [Level 473]
15. (Awaken Veil of Light) [1] [Level 543]
16. Scaling[50] [Level 595]


  1. Any recommended Aura?

  2. Do you have any gear suggestions for low lvs? I've never played as an opticalist.

    1. Opticalist is hard to level up at low level. Once they hit 300 it starts to ramp up when you can use awakened Reflect. Just use the best things you can find.

  3. Why only get Optical Hole at level 1? Is it a utility skill? Or are we supposed to max it later?

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  5. Hey. I just got a reset for my stats and was wondering about the distribution. What's the difference between sage and illuminator? As a new player, which one should I pick? I imagine that Illuminator have higher damage, and is less gear dependant.